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Reaching the Rural Poor


Tools & Methodologies

WOCCU's program in Mexico has developed and implemented new management tools and methodologies that have helped credit unions operate more efficiently and minimize costs.

Semilla Cooperativa

The Semilla Cooperativa [Cooperative Seed] model is a vehicle for credit unions to deliver their own financial products (such as loans, savings and insurance) in rural, underserved areas. The model maximizes efficiency by using a group-based approach to offer individual financial products and services in rural communities. It has proven to be a catalyst for credit union growth in terms of assets, savings, membership and number of new rural branch offices, enabling the credit unions to expand their market share and increase profitability while maintaining low delinquency rates. The model has been designed to achieve the greatest benefit for both rural communities and financial institutions providing the services.

Among Semilla Cooperativa's main features:

  • Easy institutional adaptation
  • Simple and controlled operation
  • Use of mobile technology for online services
  • Institutional growth and profitability

Demonstration Kit

The demonstration kit is a 20-page, pictorial, Spanish-language flipchart used by field officers to to educate members on financial management and to promote credit union services during their visits to the rural communities.

Seed Kit

The seed kit is a Semilla Cooperativa training curriculum for credit union field officers. It contains audiovisual and printed material, including DVDs, books, practice exercises and assessments for self-training on the model.

Route Costing

The route costing tool is an administrative system used to develop efficient sales routes and manage credit union operations. It facilitates the planning, monitoring and evaluation of service expansion to rural areas, including a cost and profitability analysis.


IRIS, which translates as “geospatially-referenced information in an integrated system,”– is a tool created by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI) that helps integrate and analyze geographic and statistical information. WOCCU’s program in Mexico used the tool to analyze and identify potential markets for rural expansion.

Registro de Socios (RS)

Registro de socios [member registry] consolidates member records by branch office and captures information necessary to analyze market behavior.


Employing innovative technology to bring financial services to hard-to-reach areas.

Tools & Methodologies

Implementing new management tools and methodologies to work efficiently in rural areas.


Reaching 240,000 new members from unbanked marginalized zones.