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Reaching the Rural Poor



WOCCU's program in Mexico is employing new technologies to increase the efficiency and security of delivering financial services to remote areas.

POS Devices

Point-of-sale (POS) devices extend financial services through a network of retail stores that act as banking agent correspondents for the credit union. They also offer value-added services such as bill payments and mobile phone airtime purchases, which bring additional customer traffic into the retail locations, benefitting both the consumer and the business owner.


Through the use of PDAs (personal digital assistants) and handheld printers, credit union field officers are immediately able to produce receipts while member accounts are updated in real time. Conducting transactions through the PDA also reduces wait time and enables the field officers to serve more people during their visits. Credit unions are also able to minimize risk and reduce paper flow by transmitting data to the branch office online rather than by hand. In this way, field officers can see a member's up-to-date account balance and do not have to transport as much cash between communities.


Employing innovative technology to bring financial services to hard-to-reach areas.

Tools & Methodologies

Implementing new management tools and methodologies to work efficiently in rural areas.


Reaching 240,000 new members from unbanked marginalized zones.