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Reaching the Rural Poor




The Bank of National Savings and Financial Services

BANSEFI's main objectives are as follows:

  • Continue promoting savings and work with governmental housing institutions to promote savings as an instrument to gain access to credit offered by such institutions.
  • Transform BANSEFI to be the second tier development bank for the Popular Savings and Credit Organizations in order to provide them with services that enable them to improve their revenues, reduce their costs and make their processes more efficient. In addition, to help them expand the range of services they offer to their members and clients.
  • Temporarily coordinate the grants (financed by multilateral organizations) that the Federal Government has assigned to the sector to facilitate its transformation and position it as a strategic component of the financial system.

For more information about BANSEFI, visit http://www.bansefi.gob.mx/.


The Rural Microfinance Technical Assistance Program (known by its acronym in Spanish as PATMIR)

PATMIR was initially instituted in 2001 by the Federal Government of Mexico through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) to promote the access of integrated financial services to marginalized, rural populations. Now, the program continues to operate through BANSEFI.

PATMIR provides specialized technical assistance to various financial intermediaries that have demonstrated an interest and ability to bring financial services to rural areas and that operate in compliance with the law.

PATMIR operates through integrated regional strategies carried out by consulting firms that are highly specialized in the area of financial services. The contracts have medium- and long-term visions, giving the consulting firms three-to-five years to implement and consolidate initiatives with a clear focus on results. PATMIR has left a notable mark on the financial sector. Solid financial institutions now constitute a wide and growing network that provide continuous and integrated financial access to hundreds of thousands of people living in rural areas.


Employing innovative technology to bring financial services to hard-to-reach areas.

Tools & Methodologies

Implementing new management tools and methodologies to work efficiently in rural areas.


Reaching 240,000 new members from unbanked marginalized zones.